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A. K. Davies is an Evangelical Christian, cult survivor, author and prolific speaker of...


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Evangelical Christian Apologist, cult survivor and author, A. K. Davies has presented to hundreds...



Middle Aged Woman

It’s a powerful story. Davies lays his life open in all its gory details, not for your sympathy, but to let others know that they are not alone in their struggle. I pray this book reaches those who need to know that change is possible and they are deserving of love. Davies proves the chain of abuse can be broken.

Diane Kane - Amazon


Woman in Yellow

This is a raw story. Davies writes a gritty truth which is often hard to read. Amazing Grace was always standing by until he saw it and heard and listened to it. Finding faith in a loving God gave him back his spirit for goodness and love and his need to share his story for those who may be looking for peace.

Ann Courbot - Amazon



Heart wrenching to read, Davies shares the divine guidance that brought him out of his destructive mindset into a life of meaning and identity. Hating God Loving God is a fast-paced read and the perfect book for anyone who believes God is cruel and uncaring. Buy it now.

Lori Yerxa - Amazon



Our church was greatly encouraged by Alex's raw and powerful testimony to the goodness of God. He speaks with courage and conviction because of what Jesus has done.

Rod Thearle - Pastor at Beaconsfield Baptist Church



What Alex shared with the church blessed my heart and everyone present. What he told the church was amazing. People were shocked at the things he said and what kind of life he was leading. Alex's testimony opened the eyes of the church to what God can do and it needs to be heard in every church.

Charles Lazaro - Senior Australian Pastor


Male Portrait

Alex's testimony goes to show God can save and use the most unexpected people to share his glory.

John Smith - Australian Christian



He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."

Mark 16:15



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